Melissa McCarthy lampoons Sean Spicer in SNL skit

  • 06/02/2017

Comedian and actress Melissa McCarthy has taken on the White House in her latest role ridiculing press secretary Sean Spicer.

She's been praised for her Saturday Night Live skit imitating President Donald Trump's spokesman who has been criticised and ridiculed in real life for a number of statements he's made in defence of Mr Trump's policies and statements.

In the eight-minute long skit, McCarthy starts the mock news conference with an apology - from the media to Spicer.

"Before we begin, I know that myself and the press have got off to a rocky start - when I say rocky start I mean it in the sense of Rocky the movie because I came out here to punch you in the face and also I don't talk so good.

"I'd like to begin today by apologising on behalf of you to me for how you've treated me these last two weeks and that apology is not accepted," she shouts.

The skit also references reports Spicer swallows 35 pieces of cinnamon gum before midday each day, with McCarthy emptying out a container of chewing gum into her mouth.

She also parodies a real-life conversation in which Spicer disputes the use of the word 'ban' in relation to the President's travel restrictions. That's despite Mr Trump himself using the word in a tweet.

"He's quoting you, it's your words, he's using your words, when you use the words and he uses them back that's circular using of the word and that's from you," McCarthy says.