Model slaps presenter on live TV after bum touch

A Brazilian TV presenter was left red-faced and rightfully embarrassed after touching a model's derriere during a demonstration on how to apply sunscreen.

Instagram model Rayssa Teixeiro Melo was appearing on TV Diario for the demonstration, and on a number of occasions, she told the presenter applying the sunscreen to her body to stop caressing her inappropriately.

She can be heard giving him explicit instructions to only touch her legs, arms and stomach.

But he persisted in touching her bottom, and she piped up with several sarcastic comments about him not knowing what body parts were what as the other presenters looked on uncomfortably.

But it was only a matter of time before Ms Melo snapped - and that she did, when upon him touching her bottom without permission for at least the fourth time she lashed out, striking him in the face and walking off the set.

The presenter continued to protest his innocence, but later apologised - and the two shared a reconciliatory hug on camera a few minutes later.