Pork Pie review

Kiwi remake Pork Pie has rolled into cinemas across the country on its mission to take that little yellow mini "all the way to Invercargill". But is it a Kiwi roadie worth taking?

The little yellow mini is back, albeit pimped out for 2017, and still on a mission south.

Luke and Jon find themselves hurtling round the Kiwi countryside with cops in pursuit, and all in the name of love.

They supersize their drive-thru order with a female co-star - Keira jumping in for the ride - and before they know it, they're taking that bloody car all the way to Invercargill.

Cameos abound, this is a truck-tonne of 100 percent pure New Zealand-looking, rather gorgeous, colours, and there are car chases, handbrakes, 180s and donuts in plentiful enough supply to please the petrol-head in us all.

Delivered through big-screen yellow rose-tinted Kiwiana glasses, and to the tune of a some cracker Kiwi sounds, Pork Pie packs enough fun and kinetic energy to make it across the finish line.

Over-cooked in parts, under-baked in others, this won't make my list of Kiwi classics, but I still enjoyed the ride.

Three stars.