Ten times Valentine's Day ended in tears

1.        Woman spits in cop's face and tells him she has herpes

A Hamilton woman ended her evening by spitting in a police officer's eye and telling him, "I've got herpes, I hope you like it!" after a night of drinking on Valentine's Day in 2015. Fairfax reported the 21-year-old was out with a group of friends when they were kicked out of a bar, and her partner ended up in a fight. Police officers were trying to break up the fight when the spitting attack unfolded. Not exactly a romantic night in... 

2.        "He just stopped talking to me. Forever"

After planning a trip and buying tickets across the United States to visit her long-distance boyfriend, a woman was completely and cold-heartedly ghosted. She told Bustle that a week after she had booked her tickets, her boyfriend "just stopped talking to me. Forever". He never answered her texts, calls, or emails and she couldn't refund her tickets. "So I spent my Valentine's Day alone and broke because I had these tickets I couldn't use."  

3.        Cute night in ends with salmonella

A delicious sangria turned out to be an absolute disaster for a couple on Valentine's Day. Bustle reported that a man prepared sangria and put it in the fridge under the chicken that was thawing out for dinner. The meal was great, the sangria was delicious, but it turned out that the chicken juice had dripped into the sangria jug. "We both ended up with salmonella poisoning later that night and had to take turns using the bathroom", the man said. "I like to think it brought us closer together."

4.        Forgetting a gift ends in a baseball bat attack 

An Ohio woman did not take kindly to her husband when he didn't pull through with a Valentine's present last year. The woman told authorities she was upset that her husband didn't buy her a gift, and he claims she struck him on the back of the head and knocked him out with a mini baseball bat. She was arrested for felonious assault and domestic violence.  

5.        A Dad felt sorry for his daughter and completely ruined her day

Alice Arnold told The Telegraph that her dad felt so sorry for her on Valentine's Day that he made a fake card for her. She received a blank card signed with a kiss, which she believed to be from a boy she had a huge crush on. She then took the card to school and showed all her friends and asked the boy out (he said no) before her dad confessed what he'd done. Ms Arnold says her dad sent the card because he knew it would be the only one she got.

6.        Woman's date gets locked up for stealing parents' car

After not hearing from her love interest on Valentine's Day, a woman began to worry. Worry turned to annoyance as the day went on. That evening she got a collect call from the county jail. Her date had been locked up for stealing his parents' brand new car, and they had turned him in. Rachel told Thought Catalog she dumped him the next day, "Even though I have a thing for bad boys."

7.        Dude falls asleep watching Family Guy in swanky hotel

A woman wanted to spice up her long-term relationship, and planned a beautiful Valentine's evening with her boyfriend including a bubble bath and a luxurious hotel room. She told the Huffington Post it was "ridiculously expensive", and despite her efforts, her boyfriend began falling asleep while watching Family Guy. She said it was a blow to her pride and her wallet.

8.        Man gifts woman a cheap ring he found on a road

Jenny Naylor was spending the day with her now ex-boyfriend when he told her to close her eyes and hold out her hand. She was ecstatic to have received a gold ring, but became suspicious after noticing that the ring did not come with a box. She soon developed a rash on her finger, and later found out that her partner had found the ring in the middle of the road. She told the Daily Mail she took it to the jewellers and was told that it was worth around £20 pounds (NZ$34.72).

9.        Woman turns up with whipped cream to passed out date

A woman received a late night text from a guy she was casually dating. She decided she'd go visit him, and picked up a present and a can of whipped cream on the way. She told the New Yorker that she turned up to his place holding the whipped cream and was greeted at the door by his best friend. If that wasn't bad enough, she proceeded to the guy's room to see him passed out on the bed with his shoes on. His friend went home, leaving her to look after him. It turns out they stayed together for several months.

10.      Woman's husband marries another woman

  A woman was dismayed to discover her husband was marrying another woman on Valentine's Day, and she tried to storm into the court proceedings but was turned away, Chronicle Zimbabwe reported.


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