Dying for some Maccas? Man in hospital bed served at drive-thru

  • 10/02/2017

After two weeks of successful attempts to traverse through KFC drive-thrus on unconventional vehicles, The Rock radio station's Morning Rumble has tried to make things harder for themselves by visiting a different fast food chain.

The show's hosts have, in recent weeks, launched a series of experiments to work out whether going through a KFC drive-thru on unusual 'vehicles' - such as a ride-on lawnmower and the Hurricanes mascot's 'Hurriplane' - would result in the restaurant refusing them service.

However a central Auckland McDonald's was chosen as the location for this week's rendition of the challenge, harking back to the origins of the experiment - an incident three weeks ago, when Napier man Wayne Sykes was stopped from purchasing a soft-serve icecream because he was on a mobility scooter.

Morning Rumble host Bryce Casey, who was posing as a doctor alongside nurse Roger Farrelly, didn't feel hugely confident of a success before the attempt.

He was "a little bit less excited than previous times" because McDonald's drive-thrus are allegedly fitted out with cameras that allowed staff to view customers before they arrived at the service window.

However, after 'dying patient' Andrew Mulligan was allowed to order four Happy Meals, hopes were again raised and after arriving at the pay window, the trio received their meals without difficulty.

The woman who took his order hadn't seen this particular mode of transport before, and Mulligan also received a fist-bump from the staff member who gave him his food.

The glorious moment was tainted somewhat after Mulligan was pushed over the speed-bump at the end of the drive-thru, causing his four soft drinks to plummet to the ground and Farrelly to mock him with a somewhat harsh chorus of "what a loser".