Alex Jones promises violence against Alec Baldwin over Trump impersonation

  • 15/03/2017

Noted conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has issued a violent proposition to Alec Baldwin, offering a fortune to charity for the chance to assault him and "break his neck".

The popular US broadcaster often cries on camera or lets loose with angry screaming fits, while disseminating theories about the government turning people gay or faking the Sandy Hook massacre.

Jones has become a passionate Donald Trump supporter, claiming to be in frequent contact with the president since he appeared as a guest on his 'InfoWars' show.

Baldwin's comedic portrayal of President Trump on Saturday Night Live appears to have angered Jones, who dedicated over five minutes to the subject on a recent broadcast.

"Alec Baldwin thinks he is a tough guy. I challenge him a million dollars to the charity he wants, to get in the ring with me, bare knuckle," says Jones.

"I will, I'll do it right now. I'll get in the ring with you and I will break your jaw, I will knock your teeth out, I will break your nose, and I will break your neck, you coward."

Jones also says he wants to fight Fox News presenter Bill O'Reilly - boasting he'd be able to beat him and Baldwin in a brawl at the same time.

"You frickin coward, you bully, I hate you! My listeners hate you. Remember that, scumbag, forever. We're going to defeat this anti-human scum, we're going to wreck their world," says Jones.

"I'm going to put all my aggressive, war-like energy into politically annihilating you. I pray to God on the alter of Jesus Christ and the father and Holy Spirit to give me the strength... God, please, please, please, please open up everybody's eyes and raise up other leaders to defeat these people."

Jones has gained increasing visibility over the last few years, with even former President Barack Obama joking about the broadcaster's claims he was a demon who smelled life sulphur.

He also believes a number of terrorist attacks and the JFK assassination were US government operations, and that there is a weather super-weapon that can create and steer swarms of tornadoes.

Jones said Trump personally called him after the November election to thank his audience and promise he would return to the InfoWars show as president.

His YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers and is just one of his broadcast platforms.