Auckland in 30 yrs: Kids dream of the future in Fringe Festival performance

Auckland's housing crisis seems to have left even the best city planners scratching their heads over what to do.

Now in a new performance for the Auckland Fringe Festival, the problem has been handed to kids to solve.

Lookout shows the kids' vision of Auckland's future in 30, 60 and even 90 years' time.

One of the performers, nine-year-old Rosa, speaks of wanting to see more eco-friendly houses.

"We want to knock down some of the apartment blocks and then use that material to make smaller and nicer houses," she says.

In 30 years, she'll be 39. By then she hopes houses will become more affordable.

"I think affordable housing is good because a few years before this, when I was a kid, lots of people didn't have houses and didn't have enough money to buy them," Rosa says in her performance.

She's one of 16 children from Newton Central School taking part in Lookout, which is a Q Theatre project for the festival.

Creator Andy Field brought the concept over from the UK.

"What we're trying to do is to think about these two different timelines kind of intersecting for this brief moment with the city panned out beneath them," he says.

Rosa also has some ideas on how we'll get around in a future Auckland.

"There might be big robot birds so that instead of having buses and stuff like that you can just call a robot bird."

And forget a concrete jungle - Rosa dreams of a green city, covering some of the busy main roads with grass.

She also envisions a new feature for the Sky Tower - a waterslide going down.

"As kind of whacky and adorable as some of their ideas are, I think some of the things they have to say about homelessness, about pollution, about traffic, about house prices in the city actually bear listening to," Mr Field says.

Lookout's final performances are on Friday.