Demolished surf club breathes new life as canvases

Cutting up a building and giving pieces of it to artists to paint isn't a conventional fundraising idea, but that's exactly what Lyall Bay Surf Club is doing.

And the country's oldest surf lifesaving club has made it a very Wellington project.

Wellington street artist DSide asked to paint the entire surf club just days before it was demolished.

"I like to paint big things. I said, if you're going to remove the whole structure, is there any chance I could paint the whole thing?" he told Newshub.

Fundraising manager Ian McIntosh says it was useful to create "some noise" around the fundraising project.

"We cut out sections of the floorboards, took the boat doors from downstairs and some rescue skis," he said.

Twenty artists, most from Wellignton, agreed to put their art on the very unique canvases.

"It's been walked on, it's been danced on, people have had their birthdays on it, their weddings on it," Mr McIntosh said.

Artist Helen Casey said it was the biggest piece she'd ever done and she'd never painted on a wooden floorboard.

Mr McIntosh said after 60 years, the old surf club had to come down.

"It was cracked, didn't meet today's building codes and was beyond repair," he said.

Up to 40 percent of the timber is being recycled for use in the new building. It's costing $3.8 million and they're "just a few hundred thousand short".

The artworks will be auctioned off at the New Zealand portrait gallery at the end of the month.

The club's hoping to raise at least $100,000.