Destiny 2 trailer reveals September release date

Activision has published the reveal trailer for Destiny 2, which is set for release in September on PC as well as consoles.

The video teases the basic plot of the sequel, but is heavier on humour than anything else, with actor Nathan Fillion making several quips as robot Cayde-6.

Destiny was released in 2014 and many fans have been 'grinding' ever since - working their way through the level ranks and finding ever more powerful weapons and armour.

They're going to lose it all when they get the new game.

Players will be able to carry over cosmetic elements to Destiny 2 - basically, how their characters look - but all that precious loot will be lost.

Set one year after the events of the Rise of Iron expansion, Destiny 2 has the Guardians forced to flee the Tower after a devastating Red Legion invasion led by Ghaul. That dastardly villain will likely face some firece comeuppance, however...

The game is set for release on September 8, with a gameplay video stream scheduled for May 20.