Ed Sheeran doppleganger a baby girl from UK

  • 19/03/2017
Ed Sheeran and his look-alike baby
Ed and his mini-me from Exeter (Getty/Twitter)

As celebrity doppelgangers go, this one is spot on - something Ed Sheeran might not be thrilled to hear.

The internet is going crazy over a two-year-old girl from the UK who looks exactly like the ginger pop sensation.

Isla Walton is a toddler from Exeter, England, who's family have nicknamed 'Baby Sheeran'. Someone on Twitter pointed out that she "looks more like Ed than Ed does".

Isla's auntie Stacey told SunOnline: "Everyone comments saying how shes a mini Ed, and I call her Baby Sheeran. She loves his music, tries to sing along to the words and has a dance."

Twitter has been going nuts over the little girl, with one person saying they "cannot stop laughing" at the timage, and another tweeting that Sheeran should get the two-year-old to play him in his next music video.

Sheeran's new album has dominated charts worldwide, including here in New Zealand.