Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried suing over stolen private photos

Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried targeted by The Fappening 2.0
Emma Watson; Amanda Seyfried (Getty)

Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried have launched legal action against websites hosting private photos of them allegedly obtained by hackers.

The film stars were both victims of a leaked photo dump referred to as The Fappening 2.0.

Watson's photos are said to not include nudity, but were taken during a clothes fitting and not supposed to be released.

The Beauty and the Beast star's lawyers are going after hackers who allegedly stole the images.

Seyfried, however, is said to appear in "various states of nudity" in stolen photos, which also include "intimate moments" with her ex-boyfriend.

The Les Misérables star's lawyer has fired off a threatening letter to a website that has published the images with a number of different demands.

"Absent immediate compliance with the foregoing demands, we will take any and all appropriate steps to protect and enforce our client's rights, including, if necessary, commencing legal action and pursuing all appropriate remedies, which may include injunctive relief, claims for compensatory and exemplary damages, attorneys' fees, an accounting of your revenues from the unauthorised use of our client's images, and all other costs associated with our client's claims," says Seyfried's lawyer.

Watson was threatened by men's rights activists with a leak of nude photos in 2014 after giving a speech on gender equality. She stated the threat was a hoax as nude photos of her didn't exist, but was disappointed with the "lack of empathy".