Jono and Ben reveal prank that caused $147,000 damage

Jono and Ben viewers have put in their two cents on how to mete out revenge on a prank gone horribly - and hilariously - wrong for one of the co-hosts.

The comedic pair revealed the extent of the $147,000 worth of damage to co-host Ben Boyce's house after Jono Pryor attempted to dig him a backyard pool on Three's Jono and Ben show on Thursday night.

It started when Jono got his hands on a digger to excavate a swimming pool in Ben's backyard.

There were signs this would be more difficult than expected when he needed to ask how to start it.

However he managed to get the digger running.

"My name is Jono. Having fun driving a digger," he sang, before doing "digger donuts" on Ben's backyard.

Unfortunately, his hand-eye coordination wasn't very good, and he managed to plow the digger's bucket into the side of Ben's house.

"Holy f***," he exclaimed in panic and terror.

The ground was covered in smashed glass, and the house's wooden walls had been caved in.

Jono was dismayed. He called Ben to ask him to come over.

"Holy s***," said Ben, upon seeing Jono's damage.

Following Thursday night's broadcast, the show's Twitter account asked how viewers would get Jono back for his failed prank.

One suggested he get a permanent reminder of the event with a tattoo of Ben driving a digger, another thought a hole should be dug in Jono's backyard and his car "carefully" lowered into it.

Another thought it'd be a good idea to put some hay and some live animals in Jono's living room.

Here are a few other suggestions Ben might want to consider: