Justin Bieber channels Summer Heights High for apology to paparazzo

Justin Bieber has released a joke apology video to an Australian news outlet over an expletive-filled outburst he fired off at them.

The 'Baby' singer pulls off an impressive impersonation of Jonah Takalua, one of the characters from Chris Lilley's hit TV show Summer Heights High, in the clip.

Bieber claims he was saying "puck", rather than the F-word, and suggests the female reporter was "on her period" - repeating lines of dialogue from Takalua.

"Sorry Ben! Motherf**ker... sorry, ranga," says Bieber of the camera operator.

"I was doing it for fun - he just didn't get that it was fun... there's a difference between bullying him and joking around. I was joking around. I was punking him, sir - watch MTV for once, sir."

The video was posted on his recently reactivated Instagram account, explaining where the jokes come from in the post.

Commenting on the fact that not everyone would think it is funny, Bieber states: "I could tell them a knock-knock joke and they wouldn't even think it was funny."

Bieber initially made headlines by giving the fingers and yelling obscenities at a 7 News camera operator who was filming him relaxing at a resort on the Sunshine Coast.