Kimmel, Baldwin parody iconic 'penis' Shortland Street scene

One of New Zealand's most controversial TV moments has been recreated by late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel and Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin.

The moment, taken from Shortland Street, rose to popularity across the country and even further afield when it aired just over two weeks ago.

The scene showed Chris Warner sending son Harry's girlfriend Lily home, before revealing that the nude photos his son was taking on his own iPhone had inadvertently synced to Dr Warner's own device.

The discovery prompts the father to shout the now iconic line: "Please tell me that is not your penis!"

While the scene has gained some recognition from around the world, it hadn't become a truly viral sensation until it got the re-make treatment from one of America's best-known TV personalities, Jimmy Kimmel, on Wednesday night (local time).

Before the re-enactment, Kimmel introduced the clip before playing it to his audience.

"In New Zealand there is a show called Shortland Street. And I don't know much about the show itself, but what I do know is a hell of a cliff-hanger when I see one."

He then played the clip, before laughing and adding, "Does anyone else have goosebumps? I can't take the suspense!"

In the re-enactment, Kimmel himself played the role of Harry Warner, his sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez wore a wig to become the character Lily, and Baldwin entered to much surprise from the studio audience to be Chris, and deliver that most memorable of lines.