Adele's Auckland concert as it happened

  • 23/03/2017

Follow all the action from Adele's first New Zealand concert, as it happened.

10:15pm: And it's all over with accolades all around.

10:05pm: Auckland really made an impression on her!

9:50pm: The moment Adele talked to a beetle.

9:10pm: Adele dedicates her song 'Make You Feel My Love' to the London terror attack victims.

9:00pm: Adele falls to the ground, screaming that a beetle is on her. Fifteen-year-old Tegan from Hamilton is brought onto the stage to remove the bugs from Adele.

8:47pm: "Now there's a giant beetle on the stage. There's two of them. They're going to start mating and take over the stage!"

8:39pm: She might be a global megastar, but she's not immune to a bug in the face.

8:32pm: The concert can be heard wide and far across some Auckland suburbs.

8:16pm: Bill English and his wife are at the concert.

8:06pm: Those with front row seats were treated to a wave from the superstar.

7:56pm: Here she is!

7:54pm: Could it be her?

7:45pm: The crowd is ready Adele!

7:25pm: Comedian Melanie Bracewell set out to the concert by train and told The Project everyone had to stand because there were so many people on board.

By the time she was able to disembark, there was a slow-moving crowd of excited concert goers to follow.

There's now only minutes until Adele takes the stage - if you haven't already headed off, you will be late.

6:34pm: Newshub's Gemma Coombe is outside Mt Smart stadium and says despite tens of thousands of fans pouring into the area, traffic has held up surprisingly well.

"It seems as though many have taken have taken the advice and are using public transport," she said.

Extra bus drivers have been brought in from outside of Auckland to keep things flowing - but a Jetstar flight from New Plymouth has been cancelled, frustrating fans.

With the gates now open, the hordes are beginning to migrate inside.