Lorde imposter fools Grey Lynn dance event

  • Updated
  • 28/03/2017
Lorde (Instagram)

Pop star Lorde did not give a surprise performance in Auckland's Grey Lynn on Monday night, despite reports.

The 'Royals' hitmaker was said to be there supporting an event at the Grey Lynn Library - which the night before teased a "super ultra special guest" - and several of those in attendance believed they saw her turn up and sing 'Green Light'.

It was, in fact, a trick - using a reportedly very convincing Lorde impersonator.

"It was an amazing performance, the crowd went totally nuts," says event organiser Craig Neilson.

"It was an early celebration of what happens on Saturday (April 1). We thought there'd be more doubt in people's minds when they left, but there was no doubt because our performer was so incredible."

The April Fools prank was played on people who attended the event almost a week before April 1.

The real Lorde, who is in the UK with her mum, called the trick "deeply fake news".

The performer who posed as Lorde at the event was Hannah Horsfield, who is graduating from Auckland University in May with a music degree.

One Facebook user who attended posted: "You know you are in Auckland City when Lorde casually rocks out as the surprise guest at your local No Lights No Lycra hosted at the community library.

"Those are some pretty stoked faces right there!"

Universal Music NZ told Newshub it had "no comment" on the prank.