Snoop Dogg, T.I. and Bow Wow respond to Trump taunt

Snoop Dogg and fellow rappers are hitting back at Donald Trump, who suggested on Twitter he wanted the 'Gin & Juice' hitmaker imprisoned over a music video.

First Lady Melania Trump has been dragged into the beef with a threat to 'pimp' her, while US President has been described as "muskrat scrotum" in one of the insults.

The former Celebrity Apprentice host was responding on Twitter to the 'Lavender' video, in which Snoop mock-executes an orange-faced clown.

Taking to Instagram to respond to Trump's tweet calling for his "jail time", Snoop first posted an image of an album entitled Unite Us, before publishing a short video of his smiling face.

"Now ya'll want to ask me questions and interview me but guess what, I've got nothing to say mate," says Snoop in the clip.

His associates are not taking such a turn-the-other-cheek approach.

"You f**king tangerine tanned muskrat scrotum skinned, lace-front possum fur wig wearing, alternative fact, atomic dog diarrhoea face ass man," T.I. raged on Instagram.

"Leave our legends names out of your f**kin old-ass, puppy p**s-smelling ass mouth and continue to focus on dividing minorities, building barriers, alienating immigrants and f**king this country up."

Snoop's protégé Bow Wow sent a message directly to Trump on Twitter, implying he would take his wife Melania as a prostitute employee.

Bow Wow Trump Melania tweet

Trump has yet to respond to the latest insults, but the feud is showing no signs of settling.