The Bachelor NZ 2017 episode 3 recap: Good yarns on command

The Bachelor is back for its second week after kicking off with a bang. This episode opened with the girls casually lazing by the pool in a coincidentally aesthetically pleasing array of levels. The tropical weather was strangely at odds with opened Tim Tams on the table, which would melt in five minutes, and Lily in her leather jacket, the bad-ass bitch.  

This episode saw the first dates for the Bachelorettes, with the single date was announced to music which made Armageddon seem like a picnic. The Edge's Fan Fave Jess was the lucky recipient, flown to Great Barrier Island in a tiny plane.

The Bachelor Jess and Zac on a plane
Jess and Zac head to off on the first single date of the season (Supplied)

The date was marked by many shots of Zac and Jess swimming. After so much frolicking in the water, they would have been left exhausted and starving. To make matters worse, they were missing out on an absolute banger of a barbeque back at the mansion. Jess might have gotten to go swimming, but she missed out on some quality-looking filled rolls.

Zac thought it would be inappropriate to get into the outdoor shower with Jess post-swim, so chose to instead stand to the side and just watch her wash up. Much better.

Following the single date, a group date was announced. Stephanie, Molly, Mariana and Ally had to battle it out in three lifesaving races - more exercise and bikinis - with the kids from the Omaha junior surf club there to help out. Stephanie said her motivation to pull the 'drowning' child from the water was Zac waiting back on shore. If you're ever drowning and Steph's the only one around, you'd better hope there's a hot guy watching so she can find it in her heart to save your life.

The Bachelor Stephanie lifesaving
Steph on a mission to win Zac's heart (Supplied)

Ally won and got to go on a walk with Zac to a picturesque campervan near the water. Her only regret was that she didn't bring her camera to photograph the moment. If only there was a way of capturing the date on film. Such a shame we'll never know what happened.

Then it was time for the final cocktail party, where the highlight of the episode was Lily's tale about her dog being attacked by a crocodile when she lived overseas. Quote of the night: "All the Cambodians were like what the helllll?" This gem of a yarn was rewarded by her being first chosen at the rose ceremony, which she says was "pretty hectic". ILY Lily.  

The rest of the cocktail party saw the classic tag-team of chats. Poor Nina was overlooked, to the point where she ended up in the bathroom crying with Bel. Nina, we have all been that girl at one point or another in our lives. Or if you're like me, most points. Sadly, the bowl of chips at the end of the bench again went untouched. At least take that to the bathroom for sustenance, girls.  Nina later got the chance to spin "some good yarns" to Zac - about socks. Stellar recovery.

The Bachelor Zac and the girls at the cocktail party
The girls vying for Zac's attention at the cocktail party (Supplied)

Despite being picked for the group date, single mum Mariana was sent home. It's hard to know what will occupy her time now she's no longer vying for Zac's love. Perhaps her Masters of Business Management, breaking more records as an open ocean swimmer, working full time as a business studies lecturer and moderator, finishing her PhD, or her regular community and charity work. I don't know though.

The Bachelor Mariana heads home
Mariana heads home (Supplied)

Will the girls get to go on a date that doesn't involve swimwear? Will Zac maintain that Bondi Sands extra dark tan? Will anyone ever eat those chips? Tune in on Monday at 7:30pm to find out!


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