The Bachelor NZ 2017: Monique says she'll 'miss the girls, not Zac'

The first Bachelor triple elimination on Monday night saw us say goodbye to the glittery Charlotte, Vanilla-Ice-inspired Elaina and "you do you boo" Monique.

Newshub caught up with Monique on Tuesday to ask her how she was faring in her post-Bachelor life.

Turns out she's doing pretty good.

"I don't miss him very much, I didn't really get to know him. I was only there one night," says Monique.

"I miss the girls more."

To be fair, she was there for the epic stretch of approximately one night. So perhaps she is right to be less than heartbroken.

The brunette is also standing by her anti-Australian comment which many thought could have been the potential deal breaker.

When Monique first met Zac, she asked him for an interesting fact and he told her his Mum was Australian. She responded with, "I don’t know if that’s impressive though?"

Despite apologising on-air for potentially insulting his Australian mum, she maintains it was a fair comment.

"If I met someone in a bar and they said an interesting fact about them is that their mum was Australian, I'd be like ... mmm, don't really know how impressive that is?"

She also had a chance to get her revenge on Bachelor Zac Franich when Newshub played shag, marry, kill with her.

When asked between Zac, former host Mike Puru and current host Dominic Bowden, she chose to marry Mike, kill Zac and shag Dominic.

When faced with John Key, Bill English and Zac, the Bachelor fared much better. Monique chose to shag him, marry John Key and unfortunately bump off the current PM.

And when faced with Art Green, Jordan Mauger and Zac, Zac again was again shag, while Jordan was kill and Art Green was marry.

Despite agreeing that Zac "has a banging body", she also admitted that she'd never thought about him naked. Well, until we asked her that is.

So we are happy to report that Monique will recover from being evicted. In fact, she has already recovered.

She's looking forward to dating in Auckland. In fact, she is already dating again. She just won't say whom, although it's safe to assume that it's not Bill English.

The Bachelor NZ returns on Sunday at 7pm. In the meantime, the first two episodes can be viewed on