Video: Tauranga street art exhibition timelapse

Street art has been brought indoors as part of a gallery exhibition in Tauranga featuring the work of secretive artist Banksy.

Three giant canvasses were painted inside the city's gallery by local street artists and, while watching them go up in real time would have taken you five days, you can see the artworks take shape in the space of just over a minute in this timelapse video.

The exhibition, Paradox Inside, had its official opening on Monday night and is part of the wider Tauranga Street Art Festival which runs until mid-June - the first of its kind in the city.

It also features an outdoor gallery with seven murals popping up on the city's walls, with the hope they'll stay up permanently.

A total of 22 original Banksy paintings will be on display in the gallery, which also includes internationally acclaimed artists from New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

It is the most extensive collection of the mysterious Banksy's works in the Southern Hemisphere and the first time the Oi YOU! collection has been show in the North Island.

It is run in partnership with the Tauranga City Council, Oi YOU! and the Tauranga Art Gallery.