Weatherman's report interrupted by kid who loves farts

Today's forecast for Mississippi is 'farts everywhere' with a high chance of 'toots'.

A weather reporter in Mississippi TV network WLBT has had the surprise of his life after the son of one of the show's guests ran into his broadcast - and farted on him.

The bizarre incident took place during a live weathercast on Sunday (local time) when Houston, a boy whose father is a lawyer with a recurring segment on WLBT, sprinted onto the set while no one was watching.

Weatherman Patrick Ellis was clearly confused at how to deal with the unexpected situation, and though he managed to keep his calm, he could be seen looking around the studio for help.

"We've got a little bit of, uh, interesting things going on right now," he said, as Houston bent over and directed a fart at him.

In an attempt to make the most of the totally unforeseen and bizarre scenario that had unfolded in front of him, Ellis proceeded to invite Houston to "point out the weather" on his behalf.

While well intentioned, the remark presented an opportunity that the highly energetic child could not resist.

"Yeah, there are farts everywhere - and toots!" he said, before his speech descended into gibberish and he was carried off by a member of the network's crew.

Ellis could be heard giggling through the remaining few seconds of his broadcast, and later took to explain the incident on his personal Facebook page.