Arnold Schwarzenegger's six favourite films of all time

Action movie legend Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed his favourite films of all time and there's far less explosions and corny one-liners in them than you may think.

The Terminator star chatted to Rotten Tomatoes while promoting his latest film, Aftermath, and named his six top films, even though they only asked for his top five.

Schwarzenegger's favourite movies ever are The Sound of Music, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Titanic, The Godfather, Westworld and Unforgiven.

"I think it was really a movie that was a very interesting story, but it sold my homeland visually in such a spectacular way," says Schwarzenegger of The Sound of Music.

"And I have gone, of course, to all of the various different locations that they shot the scenes and all that in Salzburg and around in the Alps and all that stuff."

The Sound of Music, one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's favourite films of all time

He says Westworld had "a profound impact" on him, and calls Titanic an "emotional rollercoaster ride". He says E.T. is "literally for everyone to enjoy".

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger has laughed off his feud with US President Donald Trump, calling it "funny" and again claiming his own reboot of The Apprentice failed because of the real estate mogul's association with it.

"The show didn't do well because one-third of the audience left. They boycotted the show because you're the executive producer, Donald Trump," the Commando star told CNN.

Schwarzenegger recently made headlines by saying there will definitely be more Terminator films, despite Paramount Pictures reportedly abandoning the franchise, and for turning down a cameo role in an upcoming sequel to Predator.