Christian Bale blasts Trump, suggests he's reading 'Dictatorship for Dummies'

Christian Bale blasts Trump, suggests he's reading 'Dictatorship for Dummies'


Christian Bale has put his boxing gloves back on to go up against  Donald Trump, suggesting the new President is reading a "Dictatorship for Dummies book".

The Fighter actor Bale spoke to The Daily Beast while promoting his upcoming film The Promise, discussing his thoughts on the current political climate.

The 43-year-old actor said we're currently living in a "post-truth era" due to people more commonly questioning facts and the importance of a free press.

Bale plays an Associated Press reporter in his new film, which was filmed during preparations for the 2016 Presidential election.

"We shot this towards the end of 2015, so that was happening and then becoming more and more relevant".

It was after being questioned about the disappearance of the free press under dictatorships that Bale took aim at Mr Trump, saying "it's like we're watching somebody reading a Dictatorship for Dummies book".

"I remember prior to the election I thought it was batshit crazy that people would talk about how there'll be 'a revolution in appreciation of what we have and not taking it for granted,' and you think no way in hell.

"But we're here, and you think, well OK, that's your best bet, isn't it? So the hope is that journalism becomes more exceptional than it has been in decades, and that we start to recognise and treasure it - to treasure so many different things."

The Oscar-winning actor, best known for his roles in Empire of the Sun, American Psycho and Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, will be playing former vice President Dick Cheney in an upcoming film.



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