Coachella: Lorde drops another new song live

  • 17/04/2017

Kiwi artist Lorde's comeback is well underway, with the star taking to the stage at music festival Coachella and performing several new songs from her upcoming album.

Lorde was the second-to-last performance of the festival, with rapper Kendrick Lamar closing it out.

Dressed in a sparkly top and pants, she opened with her newest single, 'Green Light', but with a twist - a live orchestra played the backing for the verse and pre-chorus.

It then flowed into 'Tennis Court', one of the singles from her debut album.

Lorde's iconic, awkward dancing also made an appearance and the star clearly looked as though she was enjoying her return to the stage.

"Thank you so much for having me back three years later. Oh my God, this is the f***ing shit," she told the crowd, promising a great show with plenty of surprises.

She launched a new song from her next album, Melodrama, entitled 'Homemade Dynamite' - the fourth song she's now released from the album.

The performance was broken up by speeches, where she thanked the crowd and often fussed about finishing her set in time (she finished four minutes late).

At one point she asked the sound engineers to let her know in her ear when her time was up so she wouldn't run over and into Lamar's set.

With the performance livestreamed, it meant it wasn't just those in California able to enjoy her comeback, as fans across the world tuned in.