Review: Beyond the Known World

New Zealand's first co-production with India has resulted in a new film opening across the country this weekend, called Beyond the Known World.

The film, directed by Pan Nalin, stars Kiwis Chelsie Preston Crayford and Sia Trokenheim, as well as Aussie actor David Wenham.

It's a story which mainlines straight into every parent's worst nightmare.

Beyond the Known World takes a bitter estranged couple on a passage to India on a desperate hunt for their missing daughter.

Eva left New Zealand to explore India; her boyfriend returned, but Eva did not. 

When her phone goes silent and the weeks go by, Julie and Carl find themselves living among the local community and the drug-dazed expats who flock there trying to piece together the last movements of their daughter.

Julie's blind faith amidst increasing fears for Eva's safety and the parental self-denial about her unhappiness despite that nagging fear Eva simply does not want to be found will have a very real impact on the couple and the people they come in contact with.

The beautifully shot postcard from the foothills of the Indian Himalayas will have plenty of people booking their next adventure holiday.

And while ultimately the story doesn't fully deliver on its promise - like so many journeys - the trip itself can be more memorable than the destination.

Three stars.

:: Director: Pan Nalin

:: Starring: Chelsie Preston Crayford, Sia Trokenheim, David Wenham

:: Running Time: 102mins

:: Rating: M

:: Release Date: 20th April 2017