Rosario Dawson calls out Pepsi for 'copying' her Chemical Brothers video

Rosario Dawson has joined the chorus of online voices calling out Pepsi for a poorly thought-out ad featuring Kendall Jenner.

The video, choreographed by Kiwi Parris Goebel, features the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star quelling a conflict by walking around gracefully and presenting a law enforcer with a can of Pepsi.

Dawson called the clip "eerily similar" to her Chemical Brothers video for 'Out of Control', released in 1999 - but she says Pepsi's is "minus the point".

The Sin City star made the comments on Twitter, together with a link to a webpage about the Pepsi/Jenner controversy.

The video for 'Out of Control', directed by W.I.Z., has Dawson provocatively making peace with riot police by sharing a fictional soda beverage with them, while others used the soda's bottles to make Molotov cocktails.

It's intended as a commentary on American advertising culture; a satire of exactly the sort of ad Pepsi made with Jenner several years later.

Pepsi has now pulled the advert, admitting it "missed the mark" and apologising.

Many other celebrities have mocked the ad on Twitter, including Lena Dunham and Patton Oswalt.