Shia Labeouf lets rip at bartender after being denied fries

Troubled Hollywood actor Shia Labeouf has been caught on camera launching an expletive-ridden tirade at a bartender at a Los Angeles bowling alley - allegedly because he wasn't served French fries.

In footage of the incident obtained by TMZ, the Eagle Eye star can be heard calling the bartender at Jerry's Deli a "f***ing racist bitch" after he thought the bartender was wielding a vodka bottle as a weapon.

"I'm asking you about French fries, and you're gonna hit me over the head with a Grey Goose bottle?" he yells. "You're f***ed up!"

Labeouf had reportedly already been escorted out of the bar once after yelling "go back to Tennessee, you f***ing racist!" - but he was forced to return after realising he was still wearing borrowed bowling shoes.

According to TMZ, witnesses say Labeouf had been at the bar "pounding back beers" for three hours before his quarrel with the bartender. It's not clear why Labeouf thought he was racist.

The incident caps off a terrible week for the Transformers actor - his latest film Man Down was released recently and flopped dreadfully at the box office, selling just a single UK ticket in its first weekend.