The Bachelor NZ 2017: Evicted Ally talks show's most controversial moment

The most flexible of evictees yet, yoga teacher Ally Thompson, left The Bachelor mansion on Tuesday night.

She may have impressed Bachelor Zac with her wild Tuk Tuk riding, but even the intimate one-on-one time wasn't enough to keep her in the harem.

Again, evicted Ally proves the rule that Zac seems to like to jettison the girls who we'd love to date in real life. 

The lass herself is somewhat surprised she is going home, as she genuinely thought that the banter was strong between them.

 "We had so much laughter and banter... but then at the rose ceremony I had that feeling I was going... I was 50/50 expecting it." 

Ally feels that they didn't click because they just became too much like bros. And her drinking like a dude didn't help this.

 "We were more in that bro zone level - I knew that when we were having a pint of beer and I chugged it back! I'm not lady like." 

Which to be fair never seems to have bothered Zac with shuka-brah skater Lily. But ah well. 

But even so, we can't be too sad for the springy Ally. She saved herself from heartbreak by leaving when she did. She admits she would have fallen for him had she had more time. 

"It would have been hard had I stayed longer, so it was good that I left when I did as I wasn't too cut up." 

And even though she has no regrets about the whole Bachelor experience she does admit there were some sticky points. 

For instance that infamous argument she and Rosie had with Karina.

Does she thinks it was an overreaction? “It was an overreaction. But when you’re in that situation with a group of girls competing for the same guys...there is high levels of estrogen around and things do get heightened and emotional!” 

She’s staying away from reading the social media commentary on it, and can confirm that the girls themselves have made up.“All of us girls are fine with it now.”

Then there's the other sticky point. Like the whole, you and all your friends dating the same guy elephant in the room.

"At the start it was a novelty... and then when people got emotionally invested in Zac it got harder," she admits, confirming the weirdness that is at the heart of this show.

 "These guys are your mates but you're dating the same guy it's a little Jeremy Kyle weird." 

Speaking of weird, it must be slightly strange to go from being a Yogi in Nelson to falling in love on everyone's TV screens? 

It's not All Black-level fame but she's still got people accosting her in the supermarket - and at the gym. 

"I fully did not expect it to be anything like what it's like…. I'll be in the gym trying to work out and I'm all sweaty... and there's an old lady taking a sneaky photo of me."

Maybe that's what has made her a little keen to do reality TV again. "I wouldn't mind doing Married At First Sight if i can't find anyone" she laughs, "Getting a little bit desperate so I might have to you know!"