The Bachelor NZ: Fleur on 'asshole' Jordan after 'humiliating' coin toss

The Bachelor NZ season 2 winner Fleur Verhoeven has taken a barbed dig at Jordan Mauger after he revealed he flipped a coin to determine which of the final two girls would win the competition.

Mauger unceremoniously dumped a heartbroken Verhoeven just two days after the final episode aired, a move she told Newshub's Amanda Gillies she did not see coming at the time.

However it appears the break-up was inevitable, with Mauger revealing to The Spinoff website on Tuesday that he decided who would win the competition based on the outcome of a coin toss.

Speaking to The Edge's Jay-Jay, Dom and Randall on Friday morning, Ms Verhoeven said she was surprised to hear the news, as she assumed he had genuine feelings for her.

"Of course I did - I mean, gosh, I was in the final two and I told him I [had feelings for him]," she said.

"Even weeks after the show we went on a five-day getaway. You know what, if I knew it was all based on a coin flip I would not have done that."

Later in the interview, Ms Verhoeven made it clear the getaway was of a sexual nature, and said he really should have made it clear to her before then that he wasn't taking the outcome of the show seriously.

"At least be honest to the girls, so they know you're playing the game - and definitely don't take the final girl on a getaway where, you know, we didn't just sit on the couch, let's put it that way."

When asked if that meant she'd consummated her relationship with Jordan, she wouldn't confirm one way or another - but did tell host Dom Harvey "I'm sure you've got a pretty good imagination".

Ms Verhoeven said initially, the media furore surrounding Mauger's comments was funny to her, and a post on Instagram on Thursday showed she certainly saw the lighter side.

However, she said his remarks later got under her skin.

"I kind of laughed it off, but then I thought actually, what an asshole. It's humiliating really," she said.

"It's not really nice to come out with this a year later. He never told me about it."

Ms Verhoeven revealed that while hearing about Mauger's method of deciding on a winner was hurtful, it also gave her an idea of how she could put it into use herself.

"Thank you so much for giving me the idea of the coin flip, because I actually did some coin-flipping myself yesterday and I've decided to put the ring up for sale this week."

The diamond commitment ring she was given for winning season 2 of The Bachelor NZ was from Michael Hill and worth $26,000.