The Bachelor NZ's Claudia says mystery man is 'just a friend'

  • Updated
  • 20/04/2017

One of the hot favourites of The Bachelor NZ 2017, Claudia, has been photographed out with another man - but says he's just a friend.

Radio station The Edge was sent an Instagram photo of the blonde in a warm embrace with someone other than Bachelor Zac Franich.

"Thanks for your interest but Josh and I are just friends and have been so for 11 years," Claudia says in a statement.

"I am currently on a production break and we caught up at the 21st of a close mutual friend. There is no romantic connection between Josh and I - sorry for any confusion caused!"

The Instagram post looks to have been deleted from user josh.murdoch's account, with the pic captioned "happy she's home", along with the emojis for wine, beer and a happy face.

The Bachelor NZ 2017 Claudia caught with another man

Claudia burst onto The Bachelor NZ this year with an impression of the crazy-voiced Harry Potter character Moaning Myrtle.

The 21-year-old went on to become the first of the ladies to score a passionate kiss with Zac, as part of a date at a fancy estate with a string quartet serenading the pair.

She's one of 11 girls remaining from a pool of 22 contestants, including the intruders.

The Bachelor NZ returns to Three this Sunday night at 7pm.