13 Reasons Why second season confirmed

Highly controversial teen suicide drama 13 Reasons Why is returning for its second season - and while some speculated it may have an entirely new cast, it's been confirmed it'll still star the original characters.

Last week it was reported the show, which was created by video-streaming service Netflix, was returning and scripts on the cusp of being finished - and those reports have turned out to be true.

The series, which targets teens and features graphic scenes of suicide and rape, has been accused of putting youths at risk. It centres on the self-inflicted death of 17-year-old Hannah Baker, who leaves behind 13 tapes - one for each of the people she says caused her to end her life.

It premiered four weeks ago, and has become the most widely shared streaming show on social media ever - but while some have praised it for focusing on a taboo topic, others have derided its allegedly careless and triggering treatment of such sensitive subject material.

However the commercial success the show gained has outweighed the controversy - and the show's creators are now looking to cash in on a second season.

Theories abound about what the second season could be about abound - but the most popular is that Tyler, one of the first season's main characters, orchestrates a school shooting.

Some argue that the final moments of the first season appear to support that theory, though there is plenty of scope for a different plotline should the series' scriptwriters decide to go in a different direction.

There is no indication of when the Selena Gomez-produced second season of 13 Reasons Why will be released.