Bum note at Eurovision

  • Updated
  • 14/05/2017

A man who streaked the Eurovision half-time concert wearing an Australian flag isn't an Aussie after all.

The man's been unmasked as Hollywood 'prankster' Vitalii Sediuk, a Ukranian man who has made headlines before for attacking a string of celebrities.

Sporting stubbies and an Australian flag, he ran onto the stage while last year's winner, Ukraine singer Jamala, performed in front of her home-country crowd. Standing in front of the singer, he whipped down his pants and wiggled his bare bottom, before being tackled by security.

He's been banned from all red-carpet events in Los Angeles and narrowly avoided jail after jumping on stage during Adele's Grammy acceptance speech in 2013, accepting the award on her behalf.

Last year he grabbed model Gigi Hadid outside a fashion show in Milan, lifting the model from the ground until she hit him away.

He told The Hollywood Reporter He was simply trying to make a point about "cute girls on Instagram" taking over runways.

In 2016 he also kissed Kim Kardashian's bottom "in a protest against bum implants".

Sediuk denies his actions are sexual attacks.

It's unknown why he wore the flag, which he's since posted a photo of on his Instagram story.

(Instagram / Vitalii Sediuk)
(Instagram / Vitalii Sediuk)

Australia came fourth in the Eurovision competition, despite only receiving three points from viewers. Many have put this low score down to Mr Sediuk's flashing.