Aussie newsreader opens up on high-profile blooper

An Australian newsreader, who was last month stood down after she failed to realise she was live, has spoken out against her former employer.

In the clip, Natasha Exelby was caught playing with her pen, completely unaware that she was being broadcast to millions of ABC viewers across Australia.

The network immediately stood her down for the gaffe - though many Australians, including fellow broadcast journalists and even politicians, were shocked at the decision and came out in support of her on Twitter.

And now Exelby, who has been quiet on the matter since it took place, has finally offered her own opinion on the mistake and subsequent standing down in a brief interview with The Sunday Telegraph.

"Even though [ABC] didn't do the right thing by me, I wanted to do the right thing by them," she said of her silence on the incident, despite the obvious public interest in her plight.

Exelby also addressed the beliefs of doubters who said that it was an orchestrated stuff-up for publicity purposes, saying "if that was the case I think some people give me way too much credit ... and I should have been an actor".

ABC has since explained to other media that she wasn't fired from her position as a newsreader as she was a casual staffer at the time of the incident, and said they'd given her non-presenting shifts which she'd turned down.

The network also told Newscorp they were "open to working with her again, including the possibility of future presenting shifts".

However it's unlikely Exelby has any interest in that offer, and is now working in a crisis management and consultancy position for XLB Media, according to reports.

Dozens of broadcast journalists came to Exelby's defence following last month's incident, sharing their worst bloopers on Twitter in a public display of solidarity with her.


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