Demi Lovato's 'dreadlocks' slammed as cultural appropriation

Demi Lovato sports a new look in her latest video, 'No Promises' with Cheat Codes, and many internet commenters are not happy.

The 'Heart Attack' hitmaker flicks a voluminous head of hair around in the clip, which many viewers have labelled dreadlocks, accusing the singer of cultural appropriation.

Lovato thrashes about under lights, pink skies and outer space views in the high-energy video, singing lyrics like, "Oh na na, just be careful, na na."

Her stylist may wish they were more careful after reading some of the comments the clip's receiving.

"Didn't Demi Lovato get the memo about dreadlocks? I don't understand why this is still happening tbh," says on tweet.

"Demi has dreads in the no promises mv, I thought she was woke and wouldn't let me down," reads another.

Lovato has yet to respond to the criticisms.