Donald Trump ridiculed in latest The Simpsons promo

Donald Trump has been savaged in the latest promo for The Simpsons, featuring the US President attempting to cut a deal with former FBI Director James Comey.

An animated Trump sits on his bed, surrounded by books called Two Scoops for Me, and How To Lose Friends and Piss Off Israel, and bargains with Comey.

"I have no tapes. Let's make a deal. You hand all over your notes, and I'll erase the tapes - I mean, there are no tapes!" Trump exclaims.

Things get worse for Trump, as he's visited by the ghost of former US President Richard Nixon, who resigned to avoid being impeached.

"I came to thank you, Donald," Nixon says. "Thanks to you, I'm now the 44th-best president. I have just one piece of advice. If you have tapes, BURN THEM."