Embarrassing Pepsi ad lives on as protesters throw cans at police

  • 04/05/2017

US protesters have thrown shade at Kendall Jenner by throwing cans of Pepsi at police.

An anti-Trump rally in Portland on Monday (local time) was shut down after demonstrators threw full cans of Pepsi at officers, The Guardian reported.

The use of Pepsi by protesters was assumedly a link to the widely ridiculed Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner last month.

In the advert, which was choreographed by Kiwi Parris Goebel, reality TV star Kendall Jenner emerges from a photo shoot to join a demonstration for an unnamed cause. She is seen stepping out in front of the protest to give a can of Pepsi to a policeman who is part of a blockade, before returning to the crowd to high-fives and cheers.

Pepsi pulled the ad in April.

Earlier in the day Portland police had ignored a protester offering a can of Pepsi, in the same motion as in the ad.

At least three people were arrested at the Portland rally after anarchists destroyed a police car, damaged windows and property, started fires in the streets and attacked officers, according to police.