Library gets rowdy for NZ Music Month

Libraries are usually a place for silence, but during New Zealand Music Month things are a little different.

For the rest of May, melodies will ring out from Auckland's central city library, where musicians are creating theme tunes for strangers.

It's called the You and I experience, where Chrissie Hart creates a piece of music based on her first impression of each person who sits down at her keyboard.

"Some people are kind of easy to read and they smile when they hear something they like, and other people are just really deadpan," she told Newshub.

And with Auckland being such a diverse city, the music is different for everybody.

"This one guy came along and he was dressed all in black and had a mohawk type of thing, so I had to start with a really aggressive synth for that guy... He was like, 'Woah!,'" Hart said.

The library is hosting the event in celebration of New Zealand music month.

"It's about helping people connect with each other and things that are going on, and I think libraries are a perfect space for that," librarian Sean Taylor told Newshub.

So far the reaction has been positive, with many people happy to discover their sound.

For anyone else wanting their own personal theme tune, the library's hosting several more sessions before the month is up.