Miley speaks out on possibility of Hannah Montana reboot

  • 17/05/2017
Miley Cyrus during a radio interview. Getty.
"I have enough dad time," the singer said. (Getty)

Miley Cyrus has spoken out about being pressured to do a Hannah Montana reboot, saying she doesn't want to partake because she's "had enough dad time".

Hannah Montana, a show about an American girl with a pop-princess alter-ego, ran on the Disney Channel from 2006 to 2011.

During a radio interview on the Zach Sang Show, the 24-year-old Malibu singer said that the reboot is still constantly being raised.

However she said she probably wouldn't want to revive it, Entertainment Tonight Online reported.

"Probably not because... it's a lot of time to be spent with my dad. You know, my dad was my dad on the show. I have enough dad time."

"That was really hard every day from, like, [ages] 11 to 18. I didn't get a school escape like most people," she explained. "I went to work with my dad. And then I started driving my dad toward the end, when I could start driving. And then my grandma went with me every day. It was a lot of time with dad and grandma."

Cyrus said the constant family time explains some of her more questionable past behaviour.

"That's why, as soon as I turned 18, you guys wonder why I was twerking at Juicy J shows. I had just spent 10 years every day with my dad and grandma," she added. "I had to break free."