Neil Finn joins cannabis debate

Kiwi musician and icon Neil Finn has hopped on board the cannabis debate, arguing in favour of legalisation.

It comes after Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne told the AM Show Class C drugs, such as marijuana, should be moved from being covered by the Crimes Act to the Psychoactive Substances Act.

It would pave the way for a regulated legal market in soft drugs and he says it would slow the fast-rising prison population.

Now Finn has joined the debate on the same side.

"If you want to eliminate dangerous synthetic cannabis why not legalise the natural stuff," he tweeted, sending the message to NZ Police, Prime Minister Bill English and former Corrections Minister Judith Collins.

None of those tagged have replied to the message yet, but Finn has gotten some support from his Twitter followers.

"Stop making sense," user BushKagnar tweeted.

"Thus another reason I'd prefer you to run Aus/NZ," Just2Finnacs wrote.

But legalisation is unlikely to happen while Mr English is in charge.

"We don't want to encourage open trading in cannabis and a whole industry around it," he told The AM Show.