Piers Morgan attacks Ariana Grande for leaving UK after Manchester attack

Piers Morgan Ariana Grande Manchester Twitter bombing terrorism Reuters
Morgan says he "expected better" from Grande in the wake of the terror attacks (Reuters)

US pop singer Ariana Grande has been blasted by Piers Morgan - the notoriously provocative British broadcaster saying she should have stayed in the United Kingdom to visit fans wounded at her concert.

His comments come just days after a suicide bombing that killed 22 people and injured 120 at Manchester Arena, where Grande had been performing to 21,000 people.

In a series of tweets, Good Morning Britain host Morgan commended the Queen for visiting the injured in hospital - and said Grande should have stayed to do the same.

His initial tweet drew ire from thousands of Twitter users, who slammed Morgan for insensitivity and noted that she was likely traumatised by the incident herself.

Grande had indicated as much in a tweet hours after the show, saying she was "broken" after the bombing - but Morgan wasn't having any of it, saying she probably wasn't as traumatised as her injured fans.

After a string of angry responses, Morgan clarified what he thought would've been an appropriate response to the tragedy by Grande.

"I expected better from her. Her fans have been decimated," he wrote.

"[If] your fans get murdered and maimed at your concert, I think you should stay, visit and comfort."

While he claimed he would've been brave and stayed had he been in Grande's position, people were quick to point out he fled from an inquiry into the Daily Mirror's alleged phone hacking while he was editor, with one calling him "a p*ssy".

One Twitter user said his remarks deserve "a rethink, retraction and an apology" - but others have been less sympathetic, calling on British television network ITV to sack him from his breakfast TV hosting gig.

Grande has not responded to Morgan's comments as yet.

This controversy is far from Morgan's first - the broadcaster has been known to indulge in feuds with fellow high-profile individuals such as Jeremy Clarkson, Madonna, Hugh Grant and JK Rowling, among many others.


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