Review: Virtual reality goes next level with Farpoint, Aim controller

The new Aim controller is here and it brings with it the closest ever feeling I've had to firing a futuristic assault rifle into an alien enemy.

It's choice.

Farpoint is a fairly generic first-person shooter, nicely inspired by 1997 film Starship Troopers. It's interesting enough to keep you wanting to go to the next area and shoot the next lot of bugs, but if it wasn't for virtual reality (VR), it'd be underwhelming and unmemorable.

With VR, it's kind of amazing.

Pulling the Aim controller up when you have the VR headset on pulls up a virtual holographic sight that feels unbelievably real, a little gimmick that always makes me grim no matter how many times I do it.

It might not look it in photos, but the Aim peripheral somehow has a weight to it that - along with the vibrator technology - gives the most realistic sci-fi shooter feeling yet released for home entertainment.

Farpoint allows you to move around large areas and fight difficult, varied enemies. It's an actual, proper game and not a completely on-rails tech demo like London Heist or Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, fun as they were.

However, it's still not as great as VR games will soon be. It's far from a recent Call of Duty, Battlefield or Halo in terms of a premium, modern shooter experience - but the joy in the novelty of the Aim functionality delivers all the way through the six or so hours of the main campaign.

I still think Resident Evil 7 is the ultimate experience available for PlayStation VR so far, by quite some margin.

But Farpoint with the Aim controller is a highly exciting step toward a higher gaming nirvana that is tantalisingly close to becoming an actual reality.