Steven Seagal banned from Ukraine for Russian ties

  • 06/05/2017
Steven Seagal receiving his Russian passport from Vladimir Putin (Getty)
Steven Seagal receiving his Russian passport from Vladimir Putin (Getty)

Ukraine has banned action movie star Steven Seagal from entering the country after its government labelled him "a friend of [Russian] President Vladimir Putin".

It means the US-born Under Siege star can't visit the eastern European nation for five years because of his pro-Russian leanings.

In a letter to media, Ukraine's secret service said such decisions were made against people who had committed a "socially dangerous act that is contrary to the interests of ensuring the security of Ukraine".

Seagal's support for Russia and Mr Putin are well known.

In November last year, Seagal, 65, was personally handed a Russian passport by the country's president and the pair also shook hands. At the time he said he hoped the meeting showed a "normalisation" of relations with Washington".

He called it a "great honour" and hoped the pair's "personal relationship will remain and continue".

Seagal has also backed Russia's controversial annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, calling the move "very reasonable".

He even played with his blues band at a concert in Crimea, which was organised by a pro-Putin biker club.