'Super Ginge' Ed Sheeran helps out Child Cancer Foundation

Pop music sensation Ed Sheeran is known for his flaming red locks as much as his music skills, and he's putting that to good use.

The singer-songwriter turned artist for the sake of the Child Cancer Foundation, drawing a picture of himself as a character called 'Super Ginge' and signing it.

It's gone up for auction on TradeMe and Sheeran said it was for a great cause.

"Every time I visited children with cancer I visited children with cancer in hospital, it always struck me how brave the people that look after them are, as well as the actual kids themselves," he said.

"I think it's important to keep supporting charities like that."

Child Cancer Foundation's chief executive, Robyn Kiddle, told Newshub they were thrilled by his gift.

"People helping people is what Child Cancer Foundation is all about, it's what makes us unique as a charity," she said.

"Hearing him talk about the need to support the brave people who help children with cancer, for me that describes our Family Support Coordinators and the volunteers we have in the community nationwide.

"They work to ensure these children and families always feel supported when walking the cancer journey."

The auction closes at 8pm next Wednesday.