The Bachelor 2017: It was always going to be Viarni


After season two of The Bachelor, Jordan broke our moderately invested hearts by turning out to be…well, a douche.  So now that season three of The Bachelor has finished we are all wondering, "is this time the real deal?"

Luckily, nice guy Bachelor Zac Franich chose equally nice gal bachelorette Viarni Bright, and the two look very happily in lust. I asked if it was love and he replied with a typical Kiwi effusiveness: "hahaha uhhhhh we're very much in like." And they are. They can't keep their hands apart from each other and Viarni looks at Zac like a 10 pack of Dunkin' Donuts. 

Even so, we still need to know if it's going to last. We're not ready to make them a poor man's Beyonce and Jay Z if they won't. So are they worried that the spark will die now that they're meeting in Coffee Club not a Cabana?  "No. If it's there it's there. I think if you are able to have those feelings even in a crazy situation then it's going to be even better in real life." 

And there's also no pressure to stay together because of the minor fact that they just won a TV show by being the fantasy couple malarkey. "I think if it wasn't genuine there might be pressure, " says Viarni, "But it is genuine so there's no question about it."  

And while they're a happy couple, the elephant in the room is obviously Lily - the nation's favourite, well, everything. The competition was fierce between the two girls for Zac's promise ring. And Zac and Lily's on screen relationship was so hot it burned the screen. Does he feel like he led her on? 

He goes into a long spiel about being invested in everyone. "I think through the whole experience I was open to a relationship with anyone so that when I got to the end I was sure..if I hadn't invested myself then I would never have known." Soooo……no? No. "The feelings were real."

Have they spoken since then? No. Oh. "I have a little bit" says Viarni, "Think we'll be able to remain friends, we have a lot of differences but we also have a lot of similarities." Then Zac chips in, "I'd like to be friends with some of the other girls but I'm not sure in reality what that would look like. It may be weird..." Well quite. Friendships founded on a thirst for fame and/or sex don't tend to be super durable. Ahem, Claudia, ahem. 

Zac looks relieved to have finished the mate selection process. He's even more relieved to stop sneaking around, hiding Viarni from the press. "We haven't even had a date yet," says Viarnia, "although you did cook me dinner, that was kind of a date!" It's been a lot of hanging at home and Air Bnbs. So what's next for the couple? Trip to the Bahamas? Health product endorsements? Marriage? "Hahaha, we're taking it slow and seeing what happens." Says Zac. But at the end of the day, "Virani was the only girl I potentially felt I could fall in love with."