The Bachelor NZ 2017: Evicted Hannah can't see Zac picking Claudia

In a move as obvious as a Tim Tam close up, the bachelor Zac Franich sent Hannah Howley home from the mansion on Monday night.

At the moment, Lily and Zac's relationship could be turned into a rom com. Viarni and Zac's is a Michael Hill commercial. And Claudia and Zac is, well, a holiday fling where you realise after your strongest common ground was mutually wanting to bang.  However Hannah and Zac's relationship stuttered at the level of mild flirtation, and the netballer had to fly home to life post-paradise.

Hannah continued to exemplify "evictees law" - that one must be nonchalant in exit interviews despite having looked ready to kill, maim and disembowel Zac at the rose ceremony. The sporty Invercargill native had a resoundingly un-romanticised view of the whole experience. "I had a feeling I was going home," she nods, "I just knew Zac and I had run our course and that was okay." She's very demure about the whole being rejected on national TV thing. "I'm pretty sure it was a mutual feeling." It's a mite different to the emotional facials and her lingering tortured expressions on the show.

At least she is very honest about how weird it is to be dating your friends. She says she didn't get jealous. Instead she coped with it by "you have to compartmentalise in your brain, and be like this is your Zac and he's not the same as my Zac." But she does admit she wouldn't be this calm in real life. "No god no! That's not what you do in the real world. That's fine on The Bachelor but in real life nah, it's one woman one guy." Polygamists everywhere will be disappointed. 

She also shares the scepticism of the nation when it comes to Zac and Claudia. We viewers sit there thinking, "they just need to have sex and then realise that they have nothing else in common."

And while Hannah was a little more restrained than that, she admitted, "I struggle to see what common ground Zac and Claudia had….I couldn't see it but she is very adoring and doting of Zac. And he really appreciates that kind of affection."

Speaking of affection, she is very much ready for the coming years of being accosted in the supermarket by Bachelor fans. "I'm ready for it! It'll be fun!"