The Bachelor NZ: Lily hits back at Zac's 'butterfly' metaphor

The Bachelor NZ runner-up Lily McManus has launched a stinging attack on the star of the show over the reasons why he sent her packing.

McManus was turned down by Zac Franich, who instead chose 22-year-old Viarni Bright. He told McManus that dating her would be like "caging a butterfly".

In a new interview with Woman's Day, that comment came under fire by the 20-year-old Wellingtonian. 

"What kind of f***ing stupid metaphor is that?" she asked.

"I want someone who can support me, so we can grow together. What did he think he was going to do with me?

"It just showed it probably wouldn't have worked and gave me a bit of an insight as to how he treats relationships."

McManus told the magazine she was no longer friends with Franich, and wasn't interested in catching up with him.

"I'm over it now, but I know Zac and I can't be friends anymore," she said.

In the same issue, Franich and his now-girlfriend Bright opened up about their own relationship, with the magazine reporting they were already in counselling to deal with pressures of life after the show.  

"Our relationship was televised, it was out in the public," said Bright, who works for a boutique homewares company.

"Now we can make it more about the two of us  we know what we have."

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