The Bachelor NZ: Naz breaks silence on Jordan's 'bulls**t' coin flip story

  • 17/05/2017

Last year's The Bachelor NZ runner-up Nazanin 'Naz' Khanjani says Jordan Mauger's story about flipping a coin to decide the winner is "f**king bullsh*t" and "disrespectful" to all New Zealanders.

Jordan broke the story through an episode of The Real Pod podcast, claiming he didn't think a relationship would work with any of the contestants so left it to chance to decide who would get his final rose.

Naz's response follows that of season two winner Fleur Verhoeven, who labelled Jordan an "asshole" for making the "humiliating" comments.

Jordan slammed by Naz and Fleur over coin flip story
Naz, Jordan and Fleur in the season two finale of The Bachelor NZ (MediaWorks)

"I'm really disappointed with Jordan and this whole coin flipping thing he's come out with," says Naz, adding that one way or another, she believes he's lying.

"Either way, he's disrespected many of us. Not only Fleur and myself, and our families, but also you guys as a nation."

Newshub approached Jordan for comment following Naz and Fleur's response to his coin flip claim.

He dismissed the matter as "a load of bollocks" and added he couldn't "be arsed", but sent a screenshot of a text message he had prepared for both ladies that includes the poo emoji.

Jordan Mauger texts a poo emoji to Fleur and Naz
Jordan's cryptic text response to Fleur and Naz (MediaWorks)

As fate would have it, Naz and Jordan are currently working on the same production and ran into each other over the weekend.

"He gave me a hug and we said 'hello' - I hadn't spoken to him since I was in hospital last year," says Naz.

"I asked him about the whole coin flip thing and told him he knows it's not true. And he said 'yes it is - that's what I had to do'. So I asked him then why he lied to me and he said he didn't think he needed to tell me about it.

"I was like - are you f**king serious?"

She says if the coin flip story is true, Jordan was "playing her" for a lengthy period of time, sending her "lovey-dovey shit" even after the TV show finished - which she claims to have saved copies of.

"If he's telling the truth about the coin flip story, he's making it clear that he lied to me for months - telling me he loved me and missed me. And that's f**ked up and I'd be pissed off - you don't lead girls on like that," says Naz.

Jordan Mauger - The Bachelor NZ season two villain?
Jordan Mauger, star of The Bachelor NZ season two (MediaWorks)

"He owes an apology to Fleur as well, and her partner. He doesn't give a shit about anybody but himself. He's making out like it was all his choice, he didn't want any of the girls - but he's only making himself look like a complete dick."

Fleur was dumped by Jordan when The Bachelor NZ concluded last year, and spoke to The Edge recently about the coin flip story.

"I thought actually, what an asshole. It's humiliating really. It's not really nice to come out with this a year later. He never told me about it," said Fleur.

"Even weeks after the show we went on a five-day getaway. You know what, if I knew it was all based on a coin flip I would not have done that ... at least be honest to the girls, so they know you're playing the game."

Meanwhile, the current third season of The Bachelor NZ is into its final week. Zac will be choosing either Viarni or Lily in the season finale, which will be broadcast on Three this Sunday at 7pm.