TV hosts awkwardly make 'Charlie bit my finger' stars re-enact YouTube clip

A decade after one of the first viral YouTube videos took the internet by storm, the pair responsible for the clip have recreated it during an agonisingly awkward interview on Australian TV.

In the truly excruciating clip with Australian network Channel Nine's Today, the pair behind Charlie Bit My Finger are urged to re-enact the iconic moment - although they're hardly excited by the idea, and only undertake the reprisal half-heartedly.

However host Karl Stefanovic can be seen loving every moment of the re-enactment regardless, laughing maniacally and pumping his fist as the two boys reluctantly retrace the legendary moment.

The original video was hugely popular when it was first posted on YouTube in May 2007, with the clip now sitting on more than 850 million views 10 years on.

It shows a newborn Charlie biting his slightly older brother's finger to great protest - but rather than express remorse, Charlie clearly lacks the cognitive ability to be able to realise what he's done and just laughs the incident off.

Earlier in the interview, Stefanovic asked the father what he was doing with the profits made from the video - a sum believed to be around the $1.8 million mark.

He said he was using it to fund their schooling, admitting that his children are still "not fully aware of what is happening".