'White genocide simulator' Far Cry 5 causes controversy

  • 26/05/2017

An upcoming new videogame featuring a fundamentalist American cult as the villains is causing a stir online, with some labelling it a "white genocide simulator".

Far Cry 5 was unveiled this week with a provocative image playing on cult imagery, with a heavily armed group and a bastardised American flag arranged to resemble Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper'.

The Far Cry series to date has pitted gamers against villains of various races of different religious beliefs, with previous settings including the south Pacific, Africa, an Asia-Pacific archipelago and the Himalayas.

The franchise has faced race-related controversies in the past - something owner Ubisoft clearly enjoys, given the latest image.

Far Cry 5 causes controversy for white American villains

Far Cry 5 is being celebrated by many online, but others aren't happy with the little revealed about the game so far.

"Liberals are tripping over themselves in an orgy of self-gratification at the prospect of shooting potential Trump voters in the virtual space," writes William Hicks on Heatstreet.

"[A 'cuck' is] absolutely gushing at the prospect of playing the most egregious white genocide simulator since Battlefield 1."

Rage is brewing on various forums online over Far Cry 5, with some calling for a boycott. As always, whether these are trolls or genuinely concerned gamers is difficult to ascertain, but there's certainly heated discussion going on.

Far Cry 5 not brave enough to be Islamic extremists

Far Cry 5 is based in the fictional Hope County, which is set in the real state of Montana. Following the teaser, a full trailer will be released over the coming weekend.