Batman finally asks Catwoman to marry him

Batman proposes to Catwoman in DC Comics Batman 24
Batman #24 cover art Photo credit: DC Comics

Wedding bells are set to ring through Gotham as Batman drops to one knee and pops the question to Catwoman in a DC Comic being released this week.

The superheroes, whose secret identities are Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, have had a relationship spanning 75 years.

In DC Comics' Batman #24, the Dark Knight proposes during a rooftop rendezvous, phrasing the question more as a two-word order: "Marry me".

"Giving Batman more pain doesn't reveal anything about his character because he's taken as much pain as he can," says writer Tom King.

"But giving him love and joy, that combines with the tragedy of his past into something new and never done before."

In a particularly romantic twist, the engagement ring is forged out of a diamond Selina stole the first time Batman encountered Catwoman.

But fans shouldn't get too excited about potentially the biggest wedding in superhero history just yet - Selina hasn't said yes.

Batman #24 is set for release on June 7.


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